Truth or "Dare"

I might as well stick with the Zach Gilford theme from my last two posts.  So....
Emmy Rossum - yes, I'm enough of a dork to both remember and admit to seeing Ms. Rossum for the first time in the movie Genius, on the Disney Channel.  Typical Disney Channel movie of its time (cute, somewhat slapstick, worth sitting back and watching to pass a Friday evening).  Time went by, and there she was again, this time in The Day After Tomorrow.  Again, I enjoyed the movie.  Nothing spectacular, but I wasn't upset at having spent money on the movie ticket.  Next, I believe, was Poseidon.   Yet again, nothing amazing, but I enjoyed it as much as the original Poseidon's Adventure (maybe more, considering Mike Vogel AND Josh Lucas were in it).  And then the absolutely incredible Phantom of the Opera was released.  From the moment Ms. Rossum sang the first note, I was spellbound.  Add in finally watching Mystic River awhile back, and I am on the Emmy Rossum bandwagon.

Zach Gilford - as you may remember, I proposed to Z earlier this week (I even tweeted it to him personally, believe it or not).  FYI, he hasn't answered.  He IS in Hawaii filiming right now, and it is a crazy time difference, so I'm not worried.  He'll say yes.  But anywho....I, like many other people, first came to know of Mr. Gilford when Friday Night Lights premiered.  As Matt Saracen, he represented the boy I would have been best friends with in high school.  Not really cool, by popular standards, but just enough on the fringes to be accepted.  Smart, sweet, cute, shy, polite, the kind of guy that a girl wants to beg a smile out of (and doesn't that smile just light up a room?!!?).  Zach Gilford makes you want to root for Matt Saracen.  After FNL came Post Grad.  Not everything I hoped it would be, but I can't say I was disappointed.  I enjoyed the movie, and again. loved Zach's character.  I have not seen The Last Winter as of yet, but will do so at some point.

And that brings me to Dare.  All my info pointed to it being a psychological thriller set in high school.  Emmy Rossum and Zach Gilford are two of the three main characters.  Emmy Rossum starts out as, well, ME in high school.  The girl worried about being perfect, but wanting to be a rebel.  So far, so good.  Zach Gilford plays Johnny, the bad boy.  That smoldering stare, the attitude....now we're getting somewhere.
And at this point, the movie crashes and burns.  I have to be honest, I don't often say a movie is horrible.  That honor is held back for the small few like Superstar, Beavis and Butthead Do America and O Brother, Where Art Thou.  But Dare?  OMG, it was horrible.  How can someone take two of the best actors out there, and still put out such a piece of trash?  Girl seduces boy, girls male best friend tries to seduce boy (and succeeds, to a degree), best friend brags to girl, all three wind up in bed together (though clothed).  There was nothing psychological about it, and definitely nothing that made it a thriller.  It was a movie about teens and sexuality (maybe), and then it ended.  I don't know how it ended, b/c it simply went from a scene into the credits, but it ended.  Weeks later, I'm still puzzling over what, exactly, this movie is supposed to be about.  Not only was it horrible, it made absolutely no sense.

I can only hope that The River Why, Off the Map, and FNL season 5 will be much, MUCH better.  Otherwise, that proposal may just be rescinded.

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