Magic Mike

I'm just going to lay this out there. Yes. Yes, I will be going to see this.

I think I'm speechless.


Cathartic Ramblings....Podcast???

The first thing I do when I'm thinking about buying a DVD is look at the extra/bonus features it contains.  If the movie is only so-so, a lack of extras may keep me from forking out money for a DVD that I'll probably watch only once or twice.  However, a plethora of bonus features could entice me to pay more than I normally would.  I love movie extras: extra/cut scenes, making-of featurettes, behind-the-scenes specials, and especially audio commentaries.

I LOVE audio commentaries.  I've listened to technical commentaries, humorous commentaries, straight-forward commentaries, and I've loved all of them.  Audio commentaries have the ability to give the viewer an incredible insight into the making of that specific film.  In the case of Dune, you can learn what went into creating the world of Arakis, the desert, the worm.  In The Princess Diaries (whether you're listening to Gary or to Dame Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway), it's a laugh-fest.  Jodie Foster, in The Beaver, talks as a technical director, and explains why scenes are shot the way they are, and how the characters were developed.  I've listened to multiple commentaries on the same movie (The Princess Diaries, The Lord of the Rings trilogy), and have learned something from each one.  To me, audio commentaries add an important element to the movie - once I've listened, I find that I enjoy and appreciate the movie that much more the next time I watch it, and in some ways, it's as if I'm seeing it for the first time all over again.

I love writing reviews and opinions on books and movies, but many times, my brain just moves too fast for my fingers, and I findmyself unable to get my thoughts on paper (or computer screen) before my thoughts race in a difference direction.  So, recently, I've been wondering...

What kind of audio commentary would I make, if I had the chance to record one?  And that's where the idea came from.

Cathartic Ramblings, the podcast.

I'm going to start recording my own audio commentaries on movies and television shows.  Obviously, I can't give a lot of detail on the inner-workings of the filming/production process (except the insight I've gained from watching existing commentaries), but I can talk about what I like and don't like about a particular scene, explain why.  Essentially, I can clue you in to some of the inner-workings of my brain.

But then I ask myself, Why would this interest anyone?  I don't have an answer to that.  I doan't know that anyone WILL be interested in my podcast.  Maybe I (and possibly my family, or one or two close friends) will be the only one to ever listen.  Or maybe I'll become a cult classic.

Either way, the podcast is in the works.  I'll keep you updated, my friends.